Custom fitting IGs and small dogs since 2008.

Vinnie & Valentino, my first two IGs I had as puppies. Now both at the Rainbow Bridge.

Hairdresser by trade since '82, petwear designer by CHOICE! I love creating stylish, comfortable and unique items for your Italian greyhounds, small dogs and cats too.
I use top of the line fabrics including many European knits, organics and genuine Polartec(R) American-made fleece with exceptional attention to detail.

All of my styles were designed first for my own Italian greyhounds which I've loved, fostered & rescued for 21+ years. The very few items available for Italian greyhounds back then were utilitarian and quite frankly...BORING, so I dusted off my machine and started sewing and donating the items I made to IG Rescue. The rest is history.

When my first IG Valentino was diagnosed with skin cancer in 2010, I searched high and low for UV rated fabrics to protect him from the AZ sun. There was nothing on the market for dogs so I created K9 Sunwear™ which he proudly wore until he passed in April 2015.
Now you will see it elsewhere (pesky copycats!) but know it all started here out of a genuine need for my own IG.
I'm always trying to improve and innovate, it's the best part of the job!

I grew up in the Philadelphia suburbs and moved to the magical Arizona desert in 1994. We've lived all over this amazing state including Scottsdale, Cottonwood and Flagstaff but Prescott is HOME for the last 10 years. We enjoy almost 3 acres and endless mountain views with just a little snow in the winter. We are within 90 minutes of Sedona, the Grand Canyon and 100 miles south of Flagstaff which is where Spoiled Bratzwear was "born".
Vegetarian/vegan since 2016, I enjoy cooking and coming up with cruelty-free recipes when I'm not sewing.

Currently mom to 3 dogs (2 of them fosters that never left) and a few very pampered pet chickens.

I started my Etsy shop in Jan. 2008 and launched my own website in 2012. We are celebrating our 13th Spoiled Bratzwear anniversary in 2021.

This Iggy Fashions™ shop offers ready-to-ship items, photo samples and "lasties". These are the same fine fabrics used in the custom shop. I thought it would be simpler to keep them separate hence the 2 shops. This one is open 24/7 whereas the custom shop is closed when I reach my monthly quota. Still just me here doin' it all!
Ships SAME DAY if ordered before 12pm, M-F AZ time

Main website for custom orders:

Email me anytime with questions. If you can imagine it, I can probably make it :) That being said, please don't ask me to copy something you have seen elsewhere. That's been done to me time and time again and it's not something I will EVER do.
Thanks for stopping by to "meet" us!
and the hounds Monti, Star & Benny

If it doesn't say "Spoiled Bratzwear", it's not the original.

Large to small, we fit 'em all! Custom waterproof diapering solutions for all breeds


Prescott, AZ

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