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Thanks for stopping by! Here you will find ready to ship clothing for immediate delivery. No returns, measure carefully. If you aren't sure if it will fit or how to measure, ask me

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NO RETURNS on petwear. Please measure carefully! All items are described with exact measurements lying FLAT and will stretch a bit. If you are unsure, just ask me :)
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"How do I know exactly where to measure?"
Ask me for a chart to follow-it's simple!

"I saw bellybands for $5, why are yours so much more expensive? "
Well, my unfiltered feedback will tell you that people have used "others" and like mine better! They are my #1 selling item online. I use only premium materials and they are designed to fit better than most other bands on the market. 100% guaranteed or your money will be cheerfully refunded. I've not had ONE returned in 10 years :)

"Why do you use such pricey fabrics?"
Well, in a nutshell, they last longer, they launder well, they are comfortable and SAFE for your dogs. And I really like working with them!
Organic fabrics are not full of the toxic chemicals commonly found in the textile industry. More expensive but worth every penny!